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Kirschner, Sweller, and Clark (2006) suggest that unguided or minimally guided instructional approaches are less effective and efficient for novices than guided instructional approaches because they ignore the structures that constitute human cognitive architecture. While we concur with the authors on this point, we do not agree to their equation of(More)
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The Department of Biology offers preparation for teachers of biology, for biologists in industrial and governmental employment, and for students planning for graduate study in biology or for advanced professional courses in health sciences. The program for the Biology major leads to the Bachelor of Science degree. Students choose from concentrations in(More)
Title: Responses of cat auditory nerve fibers to biphasic electrical current pulses Date: Readers may only download, print and save electronic copies of whole works for their own personal non-commercial use. Any use that exceeds these limits requires permission from the copyright owner. Attribution is essential when quoting or paraphrasing from these works.
Negotiating participation and power in a school setting: the implementation of active citizenship within the undergraduate sociology curriculum Original Citation (2005) Negotiating participation and power in a school setting: the implementation of active citizenship within the undergraduate sociology curriculum. Users may access full items free of charge;(More)
relating those decisional variables, thus making it possible to apply classical constraints propagation used in planning. Those meta-structures exist together with the classical time-points graph structures that are necessary at execution time, as we need to hold all the events (beginning and ending of tasks, instantaneous events). Lastly, it is important(More)
[1] We analyze the temperature anomaly of the Pinatubo eruption using an exact mathematical solution of a standard energy balance model that includes coupling between the mixed layer and the thermocline. Our solution yields a short response time t = 4.4 months and a small climate sensitivity l = 0.22 C/(W/m 2), implying short-term negative feedback. Also,(More)
1.0 INTRODUCTION Now is an exciting time to be in the field of Upper-Limb Prosthetics. Due to the limited function of current commercially available upper-limb prosthetics and the increased incidence of amputation injuries being seen in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF-Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) a number of new initiatives have been put(More)
regulating Rac1 activity during neurite outgrowth and other cellular morphological events. Because cell migration and axon outgrowth in Caenorhabiditis elegans involves the Elmo and Dock180 homologues CED-12 and CED-5, as well as the Trio homologue UNC-73 (refs 22, 23), we speculate that MIG-2, which is a target GTPase of UNC-73 and is also involved in cell(More)
3 trends guide to bioinformatics 0167-7799/98/$ – see front matter The amount of biological information accessible via the World Wide Web (WWW) is truly astonishing, and the volume of data is increasing at a fast pace. It is important for the bench scientist to have easy and efficient ways of wading through the data and finding what is important to his or(More)
A. 1988. Evolutionary relationships among lamprey families: Amino acid composition analysis of lactate dehydrogenase. Beamish, R.J. 1982. Lampetra macrostoma, a new species of freshwater parasitic lamprey from the west coast of Canada. Can. Beamish, R.J. 1985. Freshwater parasitic lamprey on Vancouver Island and a theory of the evolution of the freshwater(More)