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An artificial landscape-scale fishery in the Bolivian Amazon
Historical ecologists working in the Neotropics argue that the present natural environment is an historical product of human intentionality and ingenuity, a creation that is imposed, built, managedExpand
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Amazonia: The Historical Ecology of a Domesticated Landscape
When one thinks of Amazonia, images of large towering trees, dark and humid forests, brightly colored frogs, and smiling native people decorated in paint and feathers come to mind. In addition toExpand
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Intensification, Political Economy, and the Farming Community; In Defense Of A Bottom-Up Perspective Of The Past.
rchaeologists scramble up tall terraces, wade through cold water in irri-gation canals, hop over stone walls, and diligently search farmers’ fields for significant concentrations of potsherds thatExpand
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Time and Complexity in Historical Ecology: Studies in the Neotropical Lowlands
PrefaceContributorsTime, Complexity, and Historical Ecology, by William Balee and Clark L. EricksonPart 11. The Feral Forests of the Eastern Peten, by David G. Campbell, Anabel Ford, Karen S. Lowell,Expand
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Neo-Environmental Determinism and Agrarian "Collapse" in Andean Prehistory
In early anthropology, environmental determinism was used to explain race, human demography, material culture, cultural variation and cultural change. As anthropological interpretation evolved,Expand
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Historical Ecology and Future Explorations
...there are no environmental limitations to the development of agriculture, only cultural limitations. "Agricultural potential" is a cultural phenomenon; it is not something inherent in nature thatExpand
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Time and Complexity in Historical Ecology
HISTORICAL ECOLOGY IS a powerful perspective for understanding the complex historical relationship between human beings and the biosphere. The present volume proceeds from the axiom that humanity inExpand
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The Historical Ecology of a Complex Landscape in Bolivia
IDEAL STUDIES OF the interface between people and the environment involve collaboration among scholars from diverse backgrounds to understand how complex landscapes came to be over periods ofExpand
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The Transformation of Environment into Landscape: The Historical Ecology of Monumental Earthwork Construction in the Bolivian Amazon
Although the Neotropics are recognized as a region rich in biological diversity, the origin, evolution, and maintenance of this phenomenon continues to be debated. Historical ecologists and landscapeExpand
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