Clark L. Erickson

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HISTORICAL ECOLOGY IS a powerful perspective for understanding the complex historical relationship between human beings and the biosphere. The present volume proceeds from the axiom that humanity in its historic paths across earth has interceded in material and measurable ways in a biotic world that evolved previously by natural selection and other(More)
the past and present, I am concerned about the low value placed on cultural landscapes by national and international agencies charged with promoting, protecting, and managing cultural heritage in the developing world. My research in Bolivia and Peru focuses on a particular class of unappreciated cultural landscape, the mundane, traditional agricultural(More)
C A M B R I D G E UNIVERSITY PRESS Archaeological gardens and field systems are notoriously difficult to study. They tend to be “artifact poor” contexts, and thus, extremely difficult to date with accuracy. Stratigraphy tends to be heavily reworked and eroded, the result of continual cultivation and mixing of soil structure by humans and nature, both during(More)