Clark J. Radcliffe

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System-based methods have been applied to assess trunk motor control in people with and without back pain, although the reliability of these methods has yet to be established. Therefore, the goal of this study was to quantify within- and between-day reliability using systems-based methods involving position and force tracking and stabilization tasks. Ten(More)
Consumer comfort is a top priority in today's vehicle design. Reduction of noise and vibration enhances comfort and improves the overall quality of the vehicle. Linear elastic vibration isolation mounts are traditionally applied within complex structures to combat noise and vibration. Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) is becoming an established and tested(More)
Determining the reliability of measurements used to quantify head-neck motor control is necessary before they can be used to study the effects of injury or treatment interventions. Thus, the purpose of this study was to determine the within- and between-day reliability of position tracking, position stabilization and force tracking tasks to quantify(More)
Helmholtz resonators are commonly used for tuning of acoustic systems such as industrial processes, vehicle exhaust, engine intake manifold systems and more. Past efforts resulted in limited tuning capability and significant mechanical complexity. The work presented here considers a system that modifies the acoustic response of a system continuously,(More)
While the impact of load magnitude on spine dynamic parameters (stiffness and damping) has been reported, it is unclear how load history (exposure to prolonged loading) affects spine dynamic parameters in sagittal rotation. Furthermore, it is unknown if both spine stiffness and damping are equally affected to prolonged loading. Using a pendulum testing(More)
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