Clark G. Gilbert

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When a company faces a major disruption in its markets, managers' perceptions of the disruption influence how they respond to it. If, for instance, they view the disruption as a threat to their core business, managers tend to overreact, committing too many resources too quickly. But if they see it as an opportunity, they're likely to commit insufficient(More)
The sulfhydryl inhibitor N-ethylmaleimide (NEM) inhibits the agglutination of horseshoe crab hemocytes. The inhibitory action is neutralized by adding cysteine to the NEM before it is mixed with the hemolymph. This new method for arresting horseshoe crab hemocyte agglutination suggests the participation of sulfhydryl groups in the process.
Senior executives have long been frustrated by the disconnection between the plans and strategies they devise and the actual behavior of the managers throughout the company. This article approaches the problem from the ground up, recognizing that every time a manager allocates resources, that decision moves the company either into or out of alignment with(More)
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