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INTRODUCTION France is facing a shortage of available physicians due to a greying population and the lack of a proportional increase in the formation of doctors. Emergency physicians are the medical system's first line of defence. METHODS The authors prepared a comprehensive questionnaire using established scales measuring various aspects of working(More)
OBJECTIVE France encounters difficulties attracting physicians to work in hospitals. Organisation at work and at home may be at the heart of the problem for female as well as for male physicians. PARTICIPANTS A comprehensive questionnaire was filled out online by a representative sample of 1924 French hospital physicians. METHODS We conducted gender(More)
OBJECTIVE Burnout is one of the main chronic health problems with negative consequences on health care givers but also on quality of care. The main goal of Physician Health Survey was to study the frequency of burnout among salaried physicians and pharmacists and to compare anesthesiologists and intensivists (AI) with other practitioners (OP). The secondary(More)
Construal level mind-sets moderate self-and social stereotyping. Konstanz Social Colloquium, and a number of anonymous reviewers for their insightful comments on a previous version of this manuscript. Abstract Construal level theory suggests that events and objects can be represented at either a higher, more abstract level involving consideration of(More)
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