Clark Della Silva

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This paper presents PneUI, an enabling technology to build shape-changing interfaces through pneumatically-actuated soft composite materials. The composite materials integrate the capabilities of both input sensing and active shape output. This is enabled by the composites' multi-layer structures with different mechanical or electrical properties. The shape(More)
Researchers have been investigating shape-changing interfaces, however technologies for thin, reversible shape change remain complicated to fabricate. uniMorph is an enabling technology for rapid digital fabrication of customized thin-film shape-changing interfaces. By combining the thermoelectric characteristics of copper with the high thermal expansion(More)
We propose an automatic deposition method of bacteria spores, which deform thin soft materials under environmental humidity change. We describe the process of two-dimensional printing the spore solution as well as a design application. This research intends to contribute to the understanding of the control and pre-programming the transformation of future(More)
LightShare is a sharing mechanism for indoor illumination based on tangible feedback. It is a modification to conventional adjustable light switches with the goals of conserving energy. LightShare aims at both residential and commercial customers that look for affordable and efficient energy saving solutions. We hope to leverage technology to connect(More)
PneuForm is a new method for interacting with a physical form through dynamic replication. As fabrics are versatile and have unique properties that can be used to sense and replicate any object, they can serve as a medium for creating user interfaces. PneuForm explores the missing real-time connection between a physical and a digital model, using a flat(More)
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