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Watermarking embeds a secret message into a cover message. In media watermarking the secret is usually a copyright notice and the cover a digital image. Watermarking an object discourages intellectual property theft, or when such theft has occurred, allows us to prove ownership.The Software Watermarking problem can be described as follows. Embed a structure(More)
ÐWe identify three types of attack on the intellectual property contained in software and three corresponding technical defenses. A defense against reverse engineering is obfuscation, a process that renders software unintelligible but still functional. A defense against software piracy is watermarking, a process that makes it possible to determine the(More)
It has become common to distribute software in forms that are isomorphic to the original source code. An important example is Java bytecode. Since such codes are easy to decompile, they increase the risk of malicious reverse engineering attacks.In this paper we describe the design of a Java code obfuscator, a tool which - through the application of code(More)
To ensure platform independence, mobile programs are distributed in forms that are isomorphic to the original source code. Such codes are easy to decompile, and hence they increase the risk of malicious reverse engineering attacks. Code obfuscation is one of several techniques which has been proposed to alleviate this situation. An obfuscator is a tool(More)
Despite the recent surge of interest in digital watermarking technology from the research community, we lack a comprehensive and precise terminology for software watermarking. In this paper, we attempt to ll that gap by giving distinctive names for the various protective functions served by software watermarks: Validation Mark, Licensing Mark, Authorship(More)
Many program analysis techniques used by compilers are applicable only to programs whose control flow graphs are <i>reducible</i>. Node-splitting is a technique that can be used to convert any control flow graph to a reducible one. However, as has been observed for various node-splitting algorithms, there can be an exponential blowup in the size of the(More)