Clark A. Cory

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Residential design and construction relies heavily on construction documentation to convey not only form and function, but also to aid in the estimation and marketing of the structure. If done with traditional methods, residential design and construction require many people and hours to gather the data in useful forms. The traditional documents that are(More)
We present a new interface for producing high quality web deliverable interactive 3D facial animation. We aim at providing visual artists with established 3D character animation tools and techniques not currently supported by web 3D technology. Such techniques are crucial to the creation of visually appealing web 3D content. We have developed a production(More)
The impact of existing and emerging technology on architectural and construction industries is well documented. Although late to adopt, the professions have recognized technology's impact and are quickly embracing it in creative ways. Architects are using computer simulations to validate and communicate design ideas. Construction firms are quickly adopting(More)
The transition from traditional graphics into computer graphics over the past decade has brought about a multitude of changes that graphics educator’s and other graphics professionals have had to address and incorporate. The ever evolving integration of Computer Aided Design (CAD) in architecture and engineering have revolutionized the design and(More)
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