Clarisse Jond

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In Arabidopsis, proanthocyanidins specifically accumulate in the endothelium during early seed development. At least three TRANSPARENT TESTA (TT) genes, TT2, TT8, and TTG1, are necessary for the normal expression of several flavonoid structural genes in immature seed, such as DIHYDROFLAVONOL-4-REDUCTASE and BANYULS (BAN). TT8 and TTG1 were characterized(More)
The TRANSPARENT TESTA8 (TT8) locus is involved in the regulation of flavonoid biosynthesis in Arabidopsis. The tt8-3 allele was isolated from a T-DNA-mutagenized Arabidopsis collection and found to be tagged by an integrative molecule, thus permitting the cloning and sequencing of the TT8 gene. TT8 identity was confirmed by complementation of tt8-3 and(More)
Screening for seed pigmentation phenotypes in Arabidopsis led to the isolation of three allelic yellow-seeded mutants, which defined the novel TRANSPARENT TESTA16 (TT16) locus. Cloning of TT16 was performed by T-DNA tagging and confirmed by genetic complementation and sequencing of two mutant alleles. TT16 encodes the ARABIDOPSIS BSISTER (ABS) MADS domain(More)
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