Clarisse Demont

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BACKGROUND Respiratory infections including influenza are a common cause of acute short-term morbidity in travellers and yet the risk of these infections is poorly defined. OBJECTIVES To estimate the incidence density of and risk factors for acute respiratory infections (ARIs) and influenza in Australian travellers to Asia. STUDY DESIGN Travel-clinic(More)
The purpose of this study was to estimate the incidence density and prevalence of dengue virus infection in Australian travellers to Asia. We conducted a multi-centre prospective cohort study of Australian travellers over a 32-month period. We recruited 467 travellers (≥16 years of age) from three travel clinics who intended to travel Asia, and 387 (82.9%)(More)
CONTEXT Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) produces a variety of clinical presentations ranging from mild diarrhea to severe infection with fulminant colitis, septic shock, and death. Over the past decade, the emergence of the BI/NAP1/027 strain has been linked to higher prevalence and severity of CDI. The guidelines to treat patients with CDI are(More)
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