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Training minds for the war of ideas: Ashridge College, the Conservative Party and the cultural politics of Britain, 1929–54
This book examines attempts by the Conservative party in the interwar years to capture the 'brains' of the new electorate and create a counter-culture to what they saw as the intellectual hegemony ofExpand
Archives: Ashridge College, 1929–54: A Glimpse at the Archive of a Conservative Intellectual Project
This essay offers an introduction to the contents of the archive of Ashridge College and gives a brief outline of Ashridge's history as a ‘College of Citizenship’ closely affiliated to theExpand
Ashridge after the war
Roundtable II: Twentieth-Century British History in Western Europe
German historians have thought and written about British history from the very beginning of the modern academic profession in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Leopold von Ranke’sExpand
Considering conservative women in the gendering of modern British politics*
ABSTRACT The shifting status of women and opportunities for women in politics in modern Britain has been garnering more scholarly attention recently, and the centenary of women’s partial suffrage inExpand
The Political Decline of the British Aristocracy
In his landmark study The Decline and Fall of the British Aristocracy, David Cannadine has argued for the continuous decline of the aristocracy in Great Britain since 1832, and especially after 1911.Expand
Postwar Conservatism, A Transnational Investigation.
This volume offers a unique comparative perspective on post-war conservatism, as it traces the rise and mutations of conservative ideas in three countries – Britain, France and the United States -Expand