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Cell Behaviors during Closure of the Choroid Fissure in the Developing Eye
Coloboma is a defect in the morphogenesis of the eye that is a consequence of failure of choroid fissure fusion. It is among the most common congenital defects in humans and can significantly impactExpand
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Evolution of the Pygmy Phenotype: Evidence of Positive Selection from Genome-wide Scans in African, Asian, and Melanesian Pygmies
Abstract Human pygmy populations inhabit different regions of the world, from Africa to Melanesia. In Asia, short-statured populations are often referred to as “negritos.” Their short stature hasExpand
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Genetic diversity and evidence for population admixture in Batak Negritos from Palawan.
Anthropologists have long been fascinated by the isolated hunter-gatherer populations in Southeast Asia (SEA) collectively known as "Negritos." However, the origins and affinities of these groupsExpand
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Laterality in Termite-Fishing by Fongoli Chimpanzees: Preliminary Report
Many studies in both free-ranging and captive apes have shown that some forms of laterality of hand function occur in non-human primates1. However, true handedness (sensu McGrew and Marchant2), whenExpand
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Computations performed by shadow enhancers and enhancer duplications vary across the Drosophila embryo
Transcription of developmental genes is controlled by multiple enhancers. Frequently, more than one enhancer can activate transcription from the same promoter in the same cells. In these cases, howExpand