Clarissa Huber

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BACKGROUND H1 antihistamines increase safety during allergen-specific immunotherapy and might influence the outcome because of immunoregulatory effects. OBJECTIVE We sought to analyze the influence of 5 mg of levocetirizine (LC) on the safety, efficacy, and immunologic effects of ultrarush honeybee venom immunotherapy (BVIT). METHOD In a double-blind,(More)
BACKGROUND Approximately 20% of leg ulcers remain unresponsive to the best conservative standard of care. So far, these patients could either receive conventional skin grafts or had to accept their intractable wound. Skin substitutes from cell culture may represent a promising alternative to heal a major part of these patients on a non-surgical, potentially(More)
A 3-YEAR-OLD GIRL PRESENTED TO OUR hospital with a 20-month history of a nonhealing crusted lesion on her left cheek. The lesion had suddenly appeared as a red patch with some swelling and occasional oozing. There was no previous trauma. Treatment with topical and systemic antibiotics and topical corticosteroids did not alter the lesion. The family had 2(More)
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