Clarence Darrow

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We describe the apparatus used to measure the spectrum of accelerated electrons from a laser-plasma acceleration experiment carried out at Rutherford Appleton Laboratories (RAL). The source of the broadband, energetic electrons was the forward Raman scattering instability of a high intensity (5 × 10 18 W/cm 2) laser. Here the laser beam photons decay into(More)
Raman forward scattering (RFS) is observed in the interaction of a high intensity (>lo1' W/cm2) short pulse (<1 ps) laser with an underdense plasma (ne N lo1' cmp3). Electrons are trapped and accelerated up to 44 MeV by the high-amplitude plasma wave produced by RFS. The laser spectrum is strongly modulated by the interaction, showing sidebands at the(More)
A Thomson scattering opticals system is described with the following characteristics: (1) it allows scattering angles down to 1 mrad before collection optics interfere with beam dumping; (2) it gives excellent k resolution for angles of > or approximately 1.5 mrad; (3) it collects light from a scattering volume which can be variably positioned without(More)
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