Clarence Cohn

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At least three theories have been advanced to account for the phenomenon of appetite regulation. Brobeck1 has suggested that eating is related to the homeostasis of body temperature; Mayer considers satiety and hunger to be under the influence of a glucostatic mechanism,2 Kennedy has presented evidence that inversely correlates appetite with body fat(More)
COHN, CLARENCE AND DOROTHY JOSEPH. Changes in body comflosition attendant on force feeding. Am. J. Physiol. I g6 (5) : g65-968. 1g5g.-Normal young adult male rats were either forcefed or allowed to eat ad libitum a moderate carbohydrate diet for 3-4 weeks. The force-fed animals were given either the amount of diet consumed by the animals eating ad libitum(More)
1. The renal mechanism for urate excretion in the Dalmatian dog resembles that in birds. Urate is cleared at a rate considerably greater than the glomerular filtration rate, indicating that its excretion is the result of both glomerular filtration and active tubular secretion. The basic physiological mechanisms involved in the anomalous purine metabolism of(More)