Clarence A. Miller

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Northern and tropical peatlands represent a globally significant carbon reserve accumulated over thousands of years of waterlogged conditions. It is unclear whether moderate drying predicted for northern peatlands will stimulate burning and carbon losses as has occurred in their smaller tropical counterparts where the carbon legacy has been destabilized due(More)
We perform experimental and modeling studies of foam in porous media. Gas and surfactant solution are co-injected into sand packs at different experimental conditions in two systems. At steady state, saturation of the aqueous phase is shown to be relatively constant over a wide range of foam qualities. In order to obtain an accurate model fit at the(More)
In the absence of oil in the porous medium, the STARS TM foam model has three parameters to describe the foam quality dependence, fmmob , fmdry , and epdry. Even for a specified value of epdry , two pairs of values of fmmob and fmdry can sometimes match experimentally measured t g f and t app foam, µ. This non-uniqueness can be broken by limiting the(More)
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