Clare Vernon

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Endogenous testosterone and estradiol are thought to be cardio-protective in men. We wanted to determine the effects of 2 different anti-androgen therapies on arterial stiffness as one suppresses (goserelin--a gonadotrophin-releasing hormone analog) while the other increases (bicalutamide--an androgen receptor blocker) both testosterone and estradiol. We(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the relationship between haemoglobin level and quality-of-life in anaemic cancer patients. Patients, diagnosed with one of four cancers, were recruited if their haemoglobin level was <12 g dl−1 (female) or <13 g dl−1 (male). The condition-specific Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy – Anaemia and the generic SF-36(More)
Involved field (IF) radiation was compared with extended field (EF) radiation in Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) to ascertain whether reduced radiation fields would reduce the late sequelae of radiation without compromising disease control and survival. A total of 603 patients with stage I or II HL were entered into this trial; laparotomy was carried out in 380 (63%)(More)
It is unclear whether the outcome in adolescents with Hodgkin's lymphoma is as good as that in children and there are no prospective randomized trials comparing regimes used in children and adults in this setting. We have therefore performed an analysis of 210 adolescent patients diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma between 1970-1997 and registered on the(More)
This is a retrospective study designed to compare the results of treatment of minimal and mild types of endometriosis with danazol alone, operative laparoscopy and danazol combined, and operative laparoscopy alone. The population consisted of 112 patients with minimal endometriosis and 126 patients with the mild type. Pregnancy rate and endometriosis(More)
We describe two methods of breast immobilization using the lateral decubitus position to increase patient comfort and access to the axillary tail for MR-guided biopsy in the postsurgical or irradiated breast. The first method uses a compression device with good immobilization but poor patient tolerance. The second approach uses a thermoplastic mesh material(More)
Pregnancy outcomes were evaluated retrospectively in 350 women to investigate the relationship between endometriosis and spontaneous abortions. The frequency of spontaneous abortions in women with endometriosis was significantly higher than in both a fertile nonendometriosis group and an infertile group with tubal disease. There was no correlation between(More)
PURPOSE To examine whether carbogen and nicotinamide increases 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) delivery to colorectal cancer metastases. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Six patients were scanned using positron emission tomography. Two scans were done to coincide with the start of separate chemotherapy cycles. At the second positron emission tomography session, 60 mg/kg(More)