Clare Thiem

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This article presents our research towards developing novel and fundamental methodologies for data representation using spike-timing-dependent encoding. Time encoding efficiently maps a signal's amplitude information into a spike time sequence that represents the input data and offers perfect recovery for band-limited stimuli. In this article, we pattern(More)
Scientists have dreamed of an information system with cognitive human-like skills for years. However, constrained by the device characteristics and rapidly increasing design complexity under the traditional processing technology, little progress has been made in hardware implementation. The recently popularized memristor offers a potential breakthrough for(More)
T he rich computational dynamics coupled with simple training in reservoir computing (RC) algorithms makes them a natural choice for spatiotemporal learning systems in embedded platforms. In this article, we study three variants of the reservoir algorithm: the echo-state network (ESN), the liquid-state machine (LSM), and the time-delay reservoirs (TDRs). A(More)
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