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BACKGROUND Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) - reflux of stomach contents +/- bile into the oesophagus causing symptoms such as heartburn and acid reflux - is a common relapsing and remitting disease which often requires long-term maintenance therapy. Patients with GORD may have oesophagitis (inflammation of the oesophagus) or a normal endoscopy(More)
BACKGROUND Oesophagitis arises when reflux of acid from the stomach into the oesophagus causes mucosal inflammation. It is a common problem and a systematic review on the optimum treatment would be useful. OBJECTIVES To assess the effectiveness of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), H2 receptor antagonists (H2RAs), prokinetic therapy, sucralfate and placebo in(More)
Diarrhoea induced by chemotherapy in cancer patients is common, causes notable morbidity and mortality, and is managed inconsistently. Previous management guidelines were based on poor evidence and neglect physiological causes of chemotherapy-induced diarrhoea. In the absence of level 1 evidence from randomised controlled trials, we developed practical(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the reproducibility and responsiveness to change of a six minute walk test and a quality of life measure in elderly patients with heart failure. DESIGN Longitudinal within patient study. SUBJECTS 60 patients with heart failure (mean age 82 years) attending a geriatric outpatient clinic, 45 of whom underwent a repeat assessment three(More)
Esophageal adenocarcinoma (EA) incidence is increasing rapidly and is associated with a poor prognosis. Identifying biomarkers of disease development and progression would be invaluable tools to inform clinical practice. Two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis was used to screen 10 esophageal cell lines representing distinct stages in the(More)
This case report describes the use of acupuncture for back pain, knee pain and insomnia in a 49 year old woman with a recent diagnosis of transverse myelitis with paraplegia, sensory disturbance, and bladder and bowel dysfunction. She was receiving intensive in-patient multi-disciplinary rehabilitation but was struggling to participate fully due to pain and(More)
Symptoms are an important outcome for measurement in clinical trials into gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, but the optimal approach to symptom assessment has not been formally evaluated. The authors conducted a systematic review to assess how reflux symptoms have been evaluated and how well these correlate with oesophagitis healing and relapse.
AIMS Autonomic function (AF) is attenuated by heart failure (HF). Reports have been based on studies of young patients with systolic heart failure (SHF). However, HF is a disease of older patients who are more likely to have diastolic heart failure (DHF). We investigated whether age alters AF in elderly HF patients and whether the haemodynamic type of HF(More)
This case report describes the use of acupuncture in the management of chronic central pain in a 51 year old man following severe traumatic brain injury and multiple injuries including rib fractures. The patient reported rapid and significant improvements in pain and mood during a course of acupuncture treatment. Chronic pain following traumatic brain(More)