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‘I Just Wanted Him to Hear Me’: Sexual Violence and the Possibilities of Restorative Justice
The use of restorative justice in cases of sexual violence is highly contentious. Some argue that it may trivialize violence against women, revictimize the vulnerable, and endanger the safety ofExpand
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Feminism, Rape and the Search for Justice
Justice for rape victims has become synonymous with punitive state punishment. Taking rape seriously is equated with increasing convictions and prison sentences and consequently most feministExpand
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Beyond ‘Revenge Porn’: The Continuum of Image-Based Sexual Abuse
In the last few years, many countries have introduced laws combating the phenomenon colloquially known as ‘revenge porn’. While new laws criminalising this practice represent a positive stepExpand
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Image-based sexual abuse.
Advances in technology have transformed and expanded the ways in which sexual violence can be perpetrated. One new manifestation of such violence is the non-consensual creation and/or distribution ofExpand
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Kaleidoscopic Justice: Sexual Violence and Victim-Survivors’ Perceptions of Justice
This article proposes a more multifaceted way of thinking about victim-survivors’ perceptions of justice; what we have termed ‘kaleidoscopic justice’. Developed from an empirical investigation withExpand
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Rape Trials and Sexual History Evidence
Despite repeated legislative attempts to restrict the use of sexual history evidence in rape trials, it continues to be admitted in many cases, causing considerable debate and leading to furtherExpand
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Seeking justice for survivors of sexual violence : Recognition, voice and consequences
It is widely accepted that conventional criminal justice systems fail to meet the needs and interests of sexual violence survivors. As a result, there is widespread debate over the possibility ofExpand
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Pornography, Pragmatism, and Proscription
The Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 criminalizes the possession of extreme pornography, namely, images of bestiality, necrophilia, and life-threatening or serious violence, and is theExpand
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Feminist judgments : from theory to practice.
While feminist legal scholarship has thrived within universities and in some sectors of legal practice, it has yet to have much impact within the judiciary or on judicial thinking. Thus, whileExpand
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Feminist activism and rape law reform in England and Wales: A Sisyphean struggle?
Rape is a political issue because of feminist activism. Ever since second wave feminism lifted the lid on the systemic nature of sexual violence, including rape, feminists in the UK have fought toExpand
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