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Emerging and re-emerging pathogens imperil public health and global food security. Responding to these threats requires improved surveillance and diagnostic systems. Despite their potential, genomic tools have not been readily applied to emerging or re-emerging plant pathogens such as the wheat yellow (stripe) rust pathogen Puccinia striiformis f. sp.(More)
Stripe rust resistance in the winter wheat cultivar Claire had remained effective in the UK and Europe since its release in 1999 and consequently has been used extensively in wheat breeding programs. However, in 2012, reports indicated that this valuable resistance may now have been compromised. To characterise stripe rust resistance in Claire and determine(More)
SNP markers were developed for the OWBM resistance gene Sm1 that will be useful for MAS. The wheat Sm1 region is collinear with an inverted syntenic interval in B. distachyon. Orange wheat blossom midge (OWBM, Sitodiplosis mosellana Géhin) is an important insect pest of wheat (Triticum aestivum) in many growing regions. Sm1 is the only described OWBM(More)
Inaugural lectures (ILs) are often overlooked as academic ephemera, but I believe that they can be used as a powerful historiographical tool, locating the public presentation of academic output with its social and institutional setting. My broader research uses them as a lens through which to examine the development and contingencies of British Egyptology,(More)
M Methods We used the sequences of SLX-1 and SLY-1 to design the following primers for the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and sequencing (Fig. A standard cetyltrimethylammonium bromide plant miniprep method with several modi®cations 28 was used to isolate the total genomic DNA from 12 S. latifolia males and from 17 plants (2 parents, 10 sons and 5(More)
(2001) Extent and distribution of linkage dise-quilibrium in three genomic regions. Am. Mutation rates in humans. II. Sporadic mutation-specific rates and rate of detrimental mutations inferred from Hemophilia B. Am. (1999) Mutation rates in humans. I. Overall and sex-specific rates obtained from a population study of Hemophilia B. Am. Assessment of linkage(More)
This study looks at the role that social factors play in a consumer's decision to purchase goods or services online. Of particular consideration to this research is the Australian electronic grocery shopping (EGS) industry. Social factors have been found to play a part in technology adoption studies. This research looks at EGS as a technological innovation,(More)
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