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This article describes a pilot telehealth project in Swansea where patients with heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease were provided with telehealth monitoring equipment. While early evaluation points to some potential economic benefits, supporting patient empowerment was a significant outcome.
In the last 14 years, research has identified that patients with heart failure suffer symptoms as severe as people with cancer and would greatly benefit from a palliative care approach. In spite of this fact, it is recognized within the National Service Framework for Heart Failure (Department of Health (DoH), 2000b) and the Cancer Plan (DoH, 2000a) that(More)
Inaugural lectures (ILs) are often overlooked as academic ephemera, but I believe that they can be used as a powerful historiographical tool, locating the public presentation of academic output with its social and institutional setting. My broader research uses them as a lens through which to examine the development and contingencies of British Egyptology,(More)
This study looks at the role that social factors play in a consumer's decision to purchase goods or services online. Of particular consideration to this research is the Australian electronic grocery shopping (EGS) industry. Social factors have been found to play a part in technology adoption studies. This research looks at EGS as a technological innovation,(More)
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