Clare Leadbetter

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OBJECTIVE Current protocols state that the Yuzpe regimen of emergency contraception can be initiated up to 72 hours after unprotected intercourse. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the window for emergency hormonal contraception can be extended to 120 hours. METHODS In an observational study, we tracked 111 women who requested emergency(More)
OBJECTIVE We use new estimates of conception probabilities by cycle day of intercourse, where cycle day is measured with day 1 being the first day of bleeding in a cycle, to propose a new approach for estimating the effectiveness of emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs). We use this new approach to examine the absolute effectiveness and the(More)
OBJECTIVES to characterize emergency contraception (EC) users and clinical trial participants in the United States and the United Kingdom, comparing previous EC use and awareness, contraceptive history, and experience with EC. METHODS We collected data from all EC seekers (n=5383) at 1 US and 2 UK clinics (9/97-8/98). We also collected detailed(More)
This study aimed to assess whether introducing the issue of first time oral hormonal contraception by nurses could expand the role of the family planning nurse and improve the service to the client group. Nurse acceptability of, and adherence to, the protocol were examined. Results indicate that with appropriate training the first time issue of oral(More)
Patients with breast cancer receiving chemotherapy are at risk of developing toxicities which can be severe or life threatening. The aim of this study was to develop and test a side effect risk modeling tool (ASyMS©-SERAT) for use in patients with breast cancer undergoing adjuvant chemotherapy. The study was conducted in two phases. Phase 1 entailed the(More)
The coherent elastic scattering of neutrinos off nuclei has eluded detection for four decades, even though its predicted cross section is by far the largest of all low-energy neutrino couplings. This mode of interaction offers new opportunities to study neutrino properties and leads to a miniaturization of detector size, with potential technological(More)
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