Clare L Miles

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BACKGROUND There are now several systematic reviews of RCTs testing self-management for those with chronic musculoskeletal pain. Evidence for the effectiveness of self-management interventions in chronic musculoskeletal pain is equivocal and it is not clear for which sub-groups of patients SM is optimally effective. AIMS To systematically review(More)
BACKGROUND The proportion of people living with and surviving cancer is growing. This has led to increased awareness of the importance of quality of life including sexual function in people with cancer. Sexual dysfunction (SD) is a potential long-term complication of cancer treatments. OBJECTIVES Evaluate effectiveness of interventions for SD following(More)
Gonadal hormones, particularly estrogens, have been suggested to influence memory and cognitive tasks that show sex differences. Previously, we reported that male-to-female (M-F) transsexuals undergoing estrogen treatment for sex re-assignment scored higher on verbal Paired Associate Learning (PAL) than a transsexual control group awaiting estrogen(More)
BACKGROUND Constipation is a common problem for palliative care patients which can generate considerable suffering for patients due to both the unpleasant physical symptoms and psychological preoccupations that can arise. There is uncertainty about the 'best' management of constipation in palliative care patients and variation in practice between palliative(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of the study was to report the evidence for effectiveness of different self-management course characteristics and components for chronic musculoskeletal pain. METHODS We searched 9 relevant electronic databases for randomized, controlled trials (RCTs). Two reviewers selected studies against inclusion criteria and assessed their(More)
Obesity and insulin resistance are important risk factors for the development of noninsulin-dependent diabetes (NIDDM) and are prevalent among predisposed first degree relatives of diabetic individuals. Recent molecular screening and analysis of a common missense mutation of the beta 3-adrenergic receptor gene suggested this locus as a strong candidate for(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether autoimmunity is a prominent feature of NIDDM among diabetic members in families with a strong history of NIDDM or in families with a mixture of NIDDM and IDDM. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We determined GAD and islet cell (ICA512) autoantibodies from 215 NIDDM individuals and from 14 individuals with impaired glucose(More)
The association between administered estrogen and performance on verbal memory and other cognitive tasks was examined. Male-to-female transsexuals undergoing estrogen treatment for sex reassignment (n = 29) scored higher on Paired Associate Learning (PAL) compared to a similar transsexual control group, awaiting estrogen treatment (n = 30) (P < 0.05). No(More)
BACKGROUND It is likely that people with chronic pain who have low self-efficacy have a worse prognosis. A standard, high-quality measure of self-efficacy in such populations would improve evidence, by allowing meaningful comparisons amongst subgroups and between treatments, and by facilitating pooling across studies in systematic reviews. OBJECTIVES To(More)
BACKGROUND Current methodological guidelines provide advice about the assessment of sub-group analysis within RCTs, but do not specify explicit criteria for assessment. Our objective was to provide researchers with a set of criteria that will facilitate the grading of evidence for moderators, in systematic reviews. METHOD We developed a set of criteria(More)