Clare L. McNulty

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The NuTeV Collaboration has extracted the electroweak parameter sin(2)theta(W) from the measurement of the ratios of neutral current to charged current nu and (-)nu cross sections. Our value, sin(2)theta((on-shell))(W) = 0.2277 +/- 0.0013(stat) +/- 0.0009(syst), is 3 standard deviations above the standard model prediction. We also present a model(More)
BACKGROUND Dysfunctional neutrophils with advanced age are a hallmark of immunosenescence. Reduced migration and bactericidal activity increase the risk of infection. It remains unclear why neutrophil dysfunction occurs with age. Physical activity and structured exercise have been suggested to improve immune function in the elderly. The aim of this study(More)
A search for long-lived neutral particles ( N0's) with masses above 2.2 GeV/c(2) that decay into at least one muon has been performed using an instrumented decay channel at the NuTeV experiment at Fermilab. Data were examined for particles decaying into the final states mumu, mu(e), and mu(pi). Three mumu events were observed over an expected standard model(More)
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