Clare L. Henderson

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Music is traditionally retrieved by title, composer or subjectclassification. It is possible, with current technology, toretrieve music from a database on the basis of a few notes sung orhummed into a microphone. This paper describes the implementationof such a system, and discusses several issues pertaining to musicretrieval. We first describe an interface(More)
Musical scores are traditionally retrieved by title, composer or subject classification. Just as multimedia computer systems increase the range of opportunities available for presenting musical information, so they also offer new ways of posing musically-oriented queries. This paper shows how scores can be retrieved from a database on the basis of a few(More)
Compelling evidence exists that conflict and communication problems occur between nursing home staff and family members of residents. However, few interventions have been documented that simultaneously address the needs of both groups. The Partners in Caregiving program was created to train staff and family members in communication techniques and conflict(More)
Acknowledgements We extend our gratitude to the children who were at the heart of this study and who willingly consented to participate. Their candour and unselfconsciousness was most encouraging. Parents/caregivers, principals, and school boards of trustees provided their support and gave us the necessary freedom to explore learning and teaching in the(More)
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