Clare E Wilkinson

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OBJECTIVES To undertake a prospective epidemiological study of the injuries sustained in English professional football over two competitive seasons. METHODS Player injuries were annotated by club medical staff at 91 professional football clubs. A specific injury audit questionnaire was used together with a weekly form that documented each club's current(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the health benefits of physical activity, most adults do not take the recommended amount of exercise. AIM To assess whether exercise-referral schemes are effective in improving exercise participation in sedentary adults. DESIGN OF STUDY Systematic review. METHOD Studies were identified by searching MEDLINE, CINAHL, EMBASE, AMED,(More)
BACKGROUND Spinal pain is common and frequently disabling. Management guidelines have encouraged referral from primary care for spinal manipulation. However, the evidence base for these recommendations is weak. More pragmatic trials and economic evaluations have been recommended. OBJECTIVES Our aim was to assess the effectiveness and health care costs of(More)
AIM This paper is a report of a systematic review of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of nurse-led follow-up for patients with cancer. BACKGROUND As cancer survivorship increases, conventional follow-up puts a major burden on outpatient services. Nurse-led follow-up is a promising alternative. Data sources. Searches were conducted covering a(More)
BACKGROUND Spinal pain is common and costly to health services and society. Management guidelines have encouraged primary care referral for spinal manipulation, but the evidence base is weak. More economic evaluations alongside pragmatic trials have been recommended. OBJECTIVE Our aim was to assess the cost-utility of a practice-based osteopathy clinic(More)
BACKGROUND Osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee is common and disabling. Exercise is effective in reducing pain and disability, but long-term adherence to exercise regimens is disappointing, and motivation to exercise in those with OA knee is poorly understood. OBJECTIVES To examine the views of primary care patients with OA knee towards exercise, explore(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer follow-up places a significant burden on hospital outpatient clinics. There are increasing calls to develop alternative models of provision. AIM To undertake a systematic review of qualitative studies examining patients' and healthcare professionals' views about cancer follow-up. DESIGN OF STUDY Systematic review. SETTING Primary and(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer follow-up has traditionally been undertaken in secondary care, but there are increasing calls to deliver it in primary care. AIM To compare the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of primary versus secondary care follow-up of cancer patients, determine the effectiveness of the integration of primary care in routine hospital follow-up,(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop an understanding of experiences of follow-up in patients with prostate cancer, to seek explanations as to why men's needs might not be well met, and explore views on the possible role of primary care in follow-up. The experiences of these patients, and views on the delivery of follow-up care, have been relatively neglected compared to(More)
Despite the General Medical Council emphasising the value of service users to medical students' education, there is scant literature about service user involvement in medical education. Although some research has outlined the effectiveness of service users as teachers, none has explored social issues surrounding how medical students learn 'with' rather than(More)