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BACKGROUND This is the first report on the epidemiology of depressive disorders from the European Outcome of Depression International Network (ODIN) study. AIMS To assess the prevalence of depressive disorders in randomly selected samples of the general population in five European countries. METHOD The study was designed as a cross-sectional two-phase(More)
AIM This paper is a report of a systematic review of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of nurse-led follow-up for patients with cancer. BACKGROUND As cancer survivorship increases, conventional follow-up puts a major burden on outpatient services. Nurse-led follow-up is a promising alternative. Data sources. Searches were conducted covering a(More)
Integral membrane proteins are solubilized by their incorporation into a detergent micelle. The detergent micelle has a critical influence on the formation of a three-dimensional crystal lattice. The bulk detergent phase is not seen in X-ray crystal structures of integral membrane proteins, due to its disordered character. Here, we describe the detergent(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer follow-up places a significant burden on hospital outpatient clinics. There are increasing calls to develop alternative models of provision. AIM To undertake a systematic review of qualitative studies examining patients' and healthcare professionals' views about cancer follow-up. DESIGN OF STUDY Systematic review. SETTING Primary and(More)
OBJECTIVES To undertake a prospective epidemiological study of the injuries sustained in English professional football over two competitive seasons. METHODS Player injuries were annotated by club medical staff at 91 professional football clubs. A specific injury audit questionnaire was used together with a weekly form that documented each club's current(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the acceptability of two psychological interventions for depressed adults in the community and their effect on caseness, symptoms, and subjective function. DESIGN A pragmatic multicentre randomised controlled trial, stratified by centre. SETTING Nine urban and rural communities in Finland, Republic of Ireland, Norway, Spain, and(More)
BACKGROUND There is a paucity of information concerning the prevalence and detection of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in UK populations. AIMS To determine the prevalence, detection and current treatment of SAD within a general population sample. METHOD The study was conducted in conjunction with the Outcomes of Depression International Network(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer follow-up has traditionally been undertaken in secondary care, but there are increasing calls to deliver it in primary care. AIM To compare the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of primary versus secondary care follow-up of cancer patients, determine the effectiveness of the integration of primary care in routine hospital follow-up,(More)
The nature of cancer control is changing, with an increasing emphasis, fuelled by public and political demand, on prevention, early diagnosis, and patient experience during and after treatment. At the same time, primary care is increasingly promoted, by governments and health funders worldwide, as the preferred setting for most health care for reasons of(More)
Toxoplasma gondii is found on all continents and can infect all endothermic vertebrates. Toxoplasmosis is a globally important zoonosis with potentially devastating health impacts both for humans and a range of domestic and wild species. The World Health Organisation have repeatedly recommended the collection of accurate epidemiological data for T. gondii,(More)