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Redundant Gs-coupled serotonin receptors regulate amyloid-β metabolism in vivo
BackgroundThe aggregation of amyloid-β (Aβ) into insoluble plaques is a hallmark pathology of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Previous work has shown increasing serotonin levels with selective serotoninExpand
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Rapid in vivo measurement of β-amyloid reveals biphasic clearance kinetics in an Alzheimer’s mouse model
Accumulation of β-amyloid peptide is a key step in Alzheimer’s disease pathogenesis. Yuede et al. propose a novel method to track β-amyloid levels in vivo.
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The Theatre of David Greig
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Synthesis and elimination of C-3-labeled thiosialosides.
The synthesis of C-3-labeled phenylthio sialic acid derivatives and an investigation of stereoselectivity in elimination reactions for the synthesis of 2,3-dehydro derivatives (glycals) is described.Expand
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Combination anti-Aβ treatment maximizes cognitive recovery and rebalances mTOR signaling in APP mice
Drug development for Alzheimer’s disease has endeavored to lower amyloid &bgr; (A&bgr;) by either blocking production or promoting clearance. The benefit of combining these approaches has beenExpand
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Yes and No? Dissensus and David Greig’s Recent Work
‘[T]here is politics’, states Jacques Rancière, ‘when the boundary separating the political from the social or the public from the domestic is put into question’. In the immediate wake of theExpand
Functional limit theorems for random walks.
We survey some geometrical properties of trajectories of $d$-dimensional random walks via the application of functional limit theorems. We focus on the functional law of large numbers and functionalExpand
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