Clare E Upton

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OBJECTIVES Prior research has highlighted the importance of psychosocial factors in 'difficult' asthma. This study aimed to review the content, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of psycho-educational interventions designed to address these factors in patients with severe and difficult asthma. DATA SOURCES Thirty-two electronic databases and other(More)
Lumpy skin disease, sheeppox and goatpox are high-impact diseases of domestic ruminants with a devastating effect on cattle, sheep and goat farming industries in endemic regions. In this article, we review the current geographical distribution, economic impact of an outbreak, epidemiology, transmission and immunity of capripoxvirus. The special focus of the(More)
Although no statistics are available, medication errors occur relatively frequently and should be a target for Clinical Governance activities. Organisations need to create a culture where risk management regarding medication is incorporated.
For optimal bone regeneration, scaffolds need to fit anatomically into the requisite bone defects and, ideally, augment cell growth and differentiation. In this study we evaluated novel computationally designed surface selective laser sintering (SSLS) scaffolds for their biocompatibility as templates, in vitro and in vivo, for human fetal femur-derived cell(More)
The fabrication of three-dimensional (3-D) structures using computer-controlled ultraviolet (UV) photopolymerization of acrylates (laser stereolithography) often results in the trapping of residual unreacted monomer and initiator. These residuals can leach from the finished structure and affect the biological response of cells and tissues. Thus the(More)
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