Clare E. Harper

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To evaluate the subacute effects of heavy marihuana smoking on the lung, pulmonary function was tested in 28 healthy young male experienced cannabis users, before and after 47 to 59 days of daily ad-libitum marihuana smoking (mean of 5.2 marihuana cigarettes per day per subject, 2.2 per cent delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Base-line pulmonary-function studies(More)
BACKGROUND Naturally occurring IgE-specific IgG autoantibodies have been identified in patients with asthma and other diseases, but their spectrum of functions is poorly understood. OBJECTIVE Address the hypothesis that: (i) IgG anti-IgE autoantibodies are detectable in the serum of all subjects but elevated in asthmatic patients regardless of atopic(More)
Spinal cord neurons were investigated in embryos of Triturus vulgaris, the smooth newt, just prior to hatching. These embryos can swim if freed from their egg membranes. Horseradish peroxidase (HRP) labelling, together with GABA and glycine immunocytochemistry (ICC), revealed nine distinct anatomical classes of neuron. 1. Ventrolateral motoneurons with(More)
The new anticholinergic compound Sch 1000 (ipratropium bromide) has been reported to be an effective bronchodilator without significant atropine-like side effects. We evaluated the effectiveness of different doses of nebulized Sch 1000 (40 microgram and 80 microgram) aerosolized atropine sulfate (1 mg) and placebo in the prevention of exercise-induced(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess lunchtime provision of food and drink in English primary schools and to assess both choices and consumption of food and drink by pupils having school lunches. These findings were compared with similar data collected in 2005. DESIGN Cross-sectional data collected between February and April 2009. In each school, food and drink provision,(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the key differences between school lunches and packed lunches as consumed in a nationally representative sample of primary schools, 6-8 months after the nutrient-based standards for school lunch became mandatory. DESIGN Data on 6580 pupils' school lunches and 3422 pupils' packed lunches were collected between February and April 2009(More)
Following concerns about the nutritional content of school lunches and the increased prevalence of overweight and obesity in the UK, changes to the standards of school meals were made. From September 2008, all primary schools in England were required, by law, to be fully compliant with the new food-based standards (FBS) and nutrient-based standards (NBS)(More)
After experimental induction of acute bronchospasm in 8 subjects with clinically stable bronchial asthma, effects of 500 mg of smoked marijuana (2.0 per cent delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol) on specific airway conductance and thoracic gas volume were compared with those of 500 mg of smoked placebo marijuana (0.0 per cent delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol), 0.25 ml of(More)