Clara Yongjoo Park

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In healthy adolescents, cross-sectional studies show either no or negative relationships between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] and calcium (Ca) absorption. Using a 2-period metabolic balance study, the effect of vitamin D supplementation on Ca absorption and retention in adolescent girls was investigated. Eleven girls aged 12-14 y with a mean entry(More)
Vitamin D is known to increase Ca absorption in adults. However, the threshold vitamin D status to benefit Ca absorption is lower than the target vitamin D status for higher bone mineral density and lower fracture risk, pointing to another pathway for vitamin D to benefit bone. One possibility is by affecting osteoblast and osteoclasts directly. Vitamin(More)
Food-insecure pregnant females may be at greater risk of iron deficiency (ID) because nutrition needs increase and more resources are needed to secure food during pregnancy. This may result in a higher risk of infant low birth weight and possibly cognitive impairment in the neonate. The relationships of food insecurity and poverty income ratio (PIR) with(More)
Core binding factor β (Cbfβ) is a partner protein of Runx family transcription factors with minimally characterized function in cartilage. Here we address the role of Cbfβ in cartilage by generating chondrocyte-specific Cbfβ-deficient mice (Cbfb(Δch/Δch) ) from Cbfb-floxed mice crossed with mice expressing Cre from the Col2a1 promoter. Cbfb(Δch/Δch) mice(More)
PURPOSE The interaction between genetics and diet may explain the present disagreement in the protective role of vitamin intake on cardiovascular disease. We cross-sectionally assessed the interaction of habitual dietary intake of β-carotene, vitamin C, folate, and vitamin E with single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) on brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity(More)
Core binding factor beta (Cbfβ), the partner protein of Runx family transcription factors, enhances Runx function by increasing the binding of Runx to DNA. Null mutations of Cbfb result in embryonic death, which can be rescued by restoring fetal hematopoiesis but only until birth, where bone formation is still nearly absent. Here, we address a direct role(More)
OBJECTIVE Increasing calcium bioavailability by decreasing calcium salt particle size in the supplement may be one way to increase calcium absorption. The aim of the study was to compare (1) large versus small particle size CaCO(3) supplements and (2) small particle size CaCO(3) supplement versus placebo on calcium absorption and retention in adolescent(More)
INTRODUCTION Current methods for early diagnosis of osteoarthritis (OA) are limited. We assessed whether in vivo detection of chondrocyte death by ApoPep-1 (CQRPPR), a peptide that binds to histone H1 of apoptotic and necrotic cells, could be used to detect the initiation of OA. METHODS Apoptosis-induced ATDC5 cells were labeled with Annexin V and(More)
CONTEXT Recently, an arginine-to-cysteine homozygous mutation at position 25 in mature PTH was reported in a Korean patient with hypoparathyroidism. OBJECTIVE To clarify whether the high bone mass phenotype observed in this patient was related to the hypoparathyroidism itself or to chronic elevation of mutant PTH. METHODS A series of in vitro and in(More)
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