Clara Tomas

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The mechanisms by which interleukin-1 (IL-1) exerts destructive action on the pancreatic islet beta-cells remain elusive. Fragmentation of DNA leading to the activation of poly(ADP-ribose) synthetase was investigated in the present study, by assessing the nuclear response to cytokines in rat pancreatic islets. Nuclear fractions display Mg(2+)-dependent(More)
The uptake of 3-O-[14C]methyl-D-glucose was measured in erythrocytes of normal and non-insulin-dependent diabetic subjects. In normal subjects, the uptake of the sugar was rapid, saturable, temperature-sensitive and inhibited by cytochalasin B. Over 30 s incubation at 20°C, the uptake of 3-O-[14C]methyl-D-glucose (20 mM) was lower in diabetic than in normal(More)
We have irradiated abdominal cavity of 23 rats with 10 Gy irradiation-induced hypoglycemia on the fourth day after intervention. Islets collected at this time showed an impaired insulin secretion without affecting insulin content. This impairment persisted after one month follow-up with reduced number of beta-cells in morphological examination.
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