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Quasicontinuous PρT data of CO(2), ethane, propane, and the [CO(2) + ethane] mixture have been determined along subcritical, critical, and supercritical regions. These data have been used to develop the optimal experimental method and to determine the precision of the results obtained when using an Anton Paar DMA HPM vibrating-tube densimeter. A comparison(More)
CO(2) Capture and Storage (CCS) is a good strategy to mitigate levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases. The type and quantity of impurities influence the properties and behavior of the anthropogenic CO(2), and so must be considered in the design and operation of CCS technology facilities. Their study is necessary for CO(2) transport and storage, and to(More)
This paper discusses the influence of the noncondensable impurities CO and CH4 on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology. We calculated and drew conclusions about the impact of both impurities in the CO2 on selected transport, injection, and storage parameters (pipeline pressure drop, storage capacity, etc.), whose analysis is necessary for the safe(More)
This paper investigates the electronic structure of Si nanowires demonstrating the effect of wire thickness on the bangap, conduction valley splitting, hole band splitting, effective masses, and transmission. We use two different models, a three-dimensional (3D) discretization of the single-band effective mass equation, and a nearest neighbor sp/sup 3/d/sup(More)
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