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The emergence of new skills to better fit the networked information economy presses higher education institutions to invest in digitally rich environments that allow learning to be personalized, taking place in multiple locations and at time that suits the learner. Social Web tools prioritize collaboration, participation , and reflection, offer new(More)
In this article, we present an experiment carried out in an 11th grade class in the curricular subject of DG (descriptive geometry). In a context where failure is more in the national exam, as well as in the discipline's attendance, the main objectives that motivated the implementation of this educational experience, were, on the one hand, to increase the(More)
The need to know and explain the human communication phenomena lead to the development of many theories and communication models that gradually evolved through time, in accordance with the cultural and sociopolitical contexts. In this article we will address the transformation from models that approached communication through a " one-to-all " logic, allowed(More)
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