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BACKGROUND It is necessary to develop a safe alternative to isoniazid for tuberculosis prophylaxis in liver transplant recipients. This study was designed to investigate the efficacy and safety of(More)
BACKGROUND Continuation of empirical antimicrobial therapy (EAT) for febrile neutropenia in patients with haematological malignancies until neutrophil recovery could prolong the therapy(More)
BACKGROUND Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) is one of the most common and severe hospital-adquired infections, and multidrugresistant gram-negative bacilli (MDR-GNB) constitute the main etiology(More)
BACKGROUND Despite administration of annual influenza vaccination, influenza-associated complications in transplant recipients continue to be an important cause of hospitalization and death. Although(More)
INTRODUCTION Finding therapeutic alternatives to carbapenems in infections caused by extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Escherichia coli (ESBL-EC) is imperative. Although fosfomycin was(More)
Background Influenza vaccine effectiveness is not optimal in solid organ transplant recipients (SOTR). We hypothesized that a booster dose might increase it. Methods TRANSGRIPE 1-2 is a phase 3,(More)
INTRODUCTION Within the context of antimicrobial stewardship programmes, de-escalation of antimicrobial therapy is one of the proposed strategies for reducing the unnecessary use of broad-spectrum(More)
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