Clara L. Wilkins

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We introduce a method for increasing the framerate of real-time rendering applications. Whereas many existing temporal upsampling strategies only reuse information from previous frames, our bidirectional technique reconstructs intermediate frames from a pair of consecutive rendered frames. This significantly improves the accuracy and efficiency of data(More)
What does it take to find a member of a different race attractive? In this research, we suggest that for Whites, attraction to Asians may be based, in part, on stereotypes and variations in Asians' racial appearance. Study 1 reveals that Asians are stereotyped as being more feminine and less masculine than other racial groups-characteristics considered(More)
The current research examines how status-legitimizing beliefs (SLBs) influence White people's perceptions of anti-White bias, endorsement of zero-sum beliefs, and support for Affirmative Action. We suggest that SLBs perpetuate inequality by increasing White people's perceptions of zero-sum beliefs and anti-White bias, which in turn lead to decreased support(More)
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