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This paper presents a system providing functionalities for cataloging multimedia content using MPEG-7 and accessing to content and descriptions. The cataloging application indexes content using MPEG-7 and creates annotated variations in order to have the capability of offering media content to a large amount of different terminals and through different(More)
This paper suggests that a new approach is needed in order to identify the causes of the East Asian financial crises and that this new approach might be fruitful in reassessing the analyses and theories of financial crises in emerging economies. The first part of the paper presents a new empirical analysis of the state of fundamentals in East Asia before(More)
Capital inflows, especially when volatile, denominated in foreign currencies and not properly hedged against exchange rate risks, may pose macroeconomic and financial problems in the recipient economy. In this paper we analyze the mechanisms through which those problems arise; and we assess the policies that national authorities may resort to in order to(More)
Among young adolescents, early use of alcohol has been shown to be related to later alcohol use disorders and alcohol-related problems in numerous epidemiologic studies. However, if drinking problems are now well documented in young people, few data are available on alcohol use in children and young adolescents. The purpose of this study was to examine the(More)
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