Clara Alonso-Díaz

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BACKGROUND Little is known regarding the effect of the characteristics of donors and their children on the volume of donor milk delivered to a human milk bank (HMB). AIMS Our study aimed to determine the relationship between different social and demographic variables of donors and their infants with the volume of human milk delivered. METHODS We(More)
INTRODUCTION There is currently no unified policy on either breastfeeding support or enteral nutrition practices, as regards human milk (HM) in pre-term newborns. The aim of this study was to describe breastfeeding support measures, as well as the use of HM in very preterm infants in Spanish public hospitals. METHOD A questionnaire on enteral feeding(More)
OBJECTIVE Although under certain circumstances it is necessary to express milk, there are not many recommendations about the ideal storage conditions for human milk. The objectives of this study were to analyze the effects on Dornic acidity of frozen storage at -20 °C in three types of milk: raw donor milk, mother's own raw milk, and pasteurized donor milk.(More)
BACKGROUND The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) has a positive effect on breastfeeding in maternity wards; however, few studies have examined to what degree it affects care in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). Recently, the BFHI has been adapted to the NICUs (Neo-BFHI). OBJECTIVE This study aimed to compare breastfeeding support in Spanish(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine, by the creamatocrit measurement, the effect on the fat content of raw and pasteurized donor milk of freezing during 3 months at -20 °C. METHODS The evolution of the creamatocrit measurement (following Lucas technique) on frozen (-20 °C), raw and pasteurized human milk, was analyzed during 3 months. RESULTS The fat content of raw(More)
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