Claiton M. S. Scherer

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This paper proposes a knowledge model for representing concepts that requires pictorial as well as conceptual representation to fully capture the ontological meaning. The model was built from the proposition of pictorial primitives to be associated to the original conceptual primitives. The formalized pictorial content is then used to provide an(More)
In imagistic domains, such as Medicine, Meteorology and Geology, the tasks are accomplished through intensive use of visual knowledge, offering many challenges to the Computer Science. In this work we focus in an essential task accomplished in many imagistic domains: the visual interpretation task. We call visual interpretation the expert reasoning process(More)
In visual domains, the tasks are accomplished through intensive use of visual knowledge. In this paper, we are interested in the visual interpretation task, which is prevalent in many visual domains. We investigate the role played by foundational ontologies in reasoning processes that deals with visual information, as those that are performed in visual(More)
Representing symbol grounding is a recurrent subject of discussion in knowledge-based vision systems. The \emph{symbol grounding problem} refers to the issue of connecting symbols of a symbol system to their low-level projections within perceptual input. In this paper, we present our ongoing efforts in formalizing an ontologically-founded,(More)
This paper presents the S-Chart framework, an approach for semantic image interpretation of line charts; and the InteliStrata system, an application for semantic interpretation of gamma ray profiles. The S-Chart framework is structured as a set of knowledge models and algorithms that can be instantiated to accomplish chart interpretation in all sorts of(More)
Em domı́nios visuais como a Medicina, a Meteorologia e a Geologia, as tarefas são realizadas através de uma aplicação intensiva do conhecimento visual dos especialistas. A natureza tácita do conhecimento visual impõe muitos desafios para Ciência da Computação em termos de aquisição, modelagem, representação e raciocı́nio. Neste trabalho será apresentada uma(More)
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