Claire Villette

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An apparatus to generate solid particles was tested for use in diagnosing occupational asthma. This equipment measures the inhaled dose of dry particles during specific inhalation challenge. It includes an aerosol generator, a cyclone type particle size selector, and an inhalation chamber to which a patient breathing at tidal volume can be connected for the(More)
BACKGROUND Our aims were to compare the doses of wheat and rye flour that induce early bronchial responses in occupationally exposed asthmatic subjects and to assess the effects of the dose of inhaled flour, the duration of exposure and the dose rate. METHODS Ten patients underwent tests with lactose, wheat flour and rye flour. We compared the decrease in(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between specific bronchial reactivity and respective nonspecific bronchial and immunological reactivities. Twenty-one patients underwent bronchial challenges with lactose and flour. The aerosol of particles was generated by a computer-controlled aerosolizer. Specific bronchial challenge results were(More)
Specific bronchial challenges provide information about the relationship between inhaled dose of allergen and change in lung function, but the intermediate pathways remain largely obscure. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationships between the early asthmatic response and 1) the inhaled dose of wheat flour, 2) the concentration of wheat(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine 1) the level of specific bronchial reactivity by challenge with flour and 2) the criteria of positivity using a new method for the expression of the results. METHOD Thirty-eight asthmatic subjects, occupationally exposed to wheat flour, performed a challenge with lactose then with flour. The instantaneous measurement of the(More)
Here we have examined the composition of free sterols and steryl esters of pollen from selected angiosperm species, as a first step towards a comprehensive analysis of sterol biogenesis in the male gametophyte. We detected four major sterol structural groups: cycloartenol derivatives bearing a 9β,19-cyclopropyl group, sterols with a double bond at C-7(8),(More)
OBJECTIVE To study possible associations among endometriosis, pelvic infectious disease, and ART. DESIGN Retrospective cohort analysis over 4 consecutive years, based on medical records and insurance coding in a tertiary endometriosis reference center. SETTING Tertiary university-based reference center for endometriosis. PATIENT(S) We retrieved all(More)
Buckwheat flour, mainly used for pancakes, may induce asthma following inhalation and anaphylactic reactions following ingestion. These allergic reactions are mediated by specific IgE and may be confirmed by skin test and radio-allergo-sorbent test. The occupational asthma of a patient working in pancake restaurant was confirmed by specific challenge test(More)
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