Claire Santamaria

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Forty-six cell lines derived from 31 human melanomas obtained from 28 patients were cultured. Fourteen of 16 lines have produced malignant tumors when injected into nude (thymus-deficient) mice. Tumors in 5 of the nude mice metastasized to distant lymph nodes and/or to the lungs of the mouse host. Extreme variability from line to line was observed for(More)
This report presents qualitative data of the effects of a free radical generator (benzyl viologen) on rat liver. Rats were administered benzyl viologen (0.825 mg per kg of body weight) or saline solution (controls) intraperitoneally, in single daily dosage for 15 days. For microscopic examination animals were killed after 3 or 15 days of treatment. In the(More)
Conventional rabbit embryonic stem cell (ESC) lines are derived from the inner cell mass (ICM) of pre-implantation embryos using methods and culture conditions that are established for primate ESCs. In this study, we explored the capacity of the rabbit ICM to give rise to ESC lines using conditions similar to those utilized to generate naive ESCs in mice.(More)
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