Claire Raskino

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BACKGROUND A large cohort of antiretroviral therapy-naive, symptomatic, HIV-infected children were enrolled into a controlled therapeutic trial (AIDS Clinical Trials Group Protocol 152), providing an(More)
The role that host genetics plays in the modification of the rate of human immunodeficiency virus 1 (HIV-1)-related disease progression was evaluated in a seroprevalent cohort of 1049 children with(More)
BACKGROUND T-1249 is a 39-amino acid synthetic peptide fusion inhibitor (FI) shown to preserve antiretroviral activity in vitro against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) isolates that have decreased(More)
BACKGROUND Few data are available concerning the impact of antiretroviral resistance in response to antiviral therapy in children. We evaluated the development of antiretroviral genotypic resistance(More)