Claire Pickering

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To assess tolerance to cocaine in a self-administration paradigm, rats were trained to self-administer cocaine (0.25 mg/injection) on a fixed-ratio 2 (FR2) schedule of reinforcement. The development of tolerance was studied during chronic administration of cocaine (20 mg/kg per 8 h for 10 days), given either contingently (self-administered by the rats) or(More)
Entomological evidence is used in forensic investigations to indicate time since death. The species and age of maggots or flies that are present at the scene can be used when estimating how much time has passed since death. Current methods that are used to identify species and developmental stage of larvae and fly samples are highly subjective, costly and(More)
Ondansetron (GR38032F), a serotonin 5HT3 antagonist, is active in numerous behavioral paradigms and neurochemical systems. Since 5HT3 antagonists have been suggested as therapeutic agents for the treatment of drug abuse, the action of ondansetron on cocaine drug discrimination and self-administration paradigms in rats was investigated. Doses of ondansetron(More)
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