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The well-known experiments of Nisbett and Wilson lead to the conclusion that we have no introspective access to our decision-making processes. Johansson et al. have recently developed an original protocol consisting in manipulating covertly the relationship between the subjects' intended choice and the outcome they were presented with: in 79.6% of cases,(More)
Neurophenomenology, as an attempt to combine and mutually enlighten neural and experiential descriptions of cognitive processes, has met practical difficulties which have limited its implementation into actual research projects. The main difficulty seems to be the disparity of the levels of description: while neurophenomenology strongly emphasizes the(More)
RESUME. L'objectif de cet article est de retracer le déroulement du projet de recherche neuro-phénoménologique sur l'anticipation des crises d'épilepsie, et de faire le point sur la démarche utilisée et les difficultés rencontrées. L'analyse des signaux neuro-électriques à l'aide de nouveaux outils mathématiques a en effet permis de détecter des(More)
Despite the fact that the rubber hand illusion (RHI) is an experimental paradigm that has been widely used in the last 14 years to investigate different aspects of the sense of bodily self, very few studies have sought to investigate the subjective nature of the experience that the RHI evokes. The present study investigates the phenomenology of the RHI(More)
The article by Froese, Gould and Seth is a survey rather than a commentary, dealing with the intertwined issues of the validity of first-person reports and of their interest for a science of consciousness. While acknowledging that experiential research has already produced promising results, the authors find that it has not yet produced 'killer experiments'(More)
Participants à la réunion du 3 juin : Six de ces participants appartiennent à des équipes membres du GDR 3169 (Psycho Ergo), GDR qui soutient cet atelier. 1. Expliciter l'expérience cognitive… un enjeu crucial Depuis les années 1980, les techniques d'exploration cérébrale ont fait des progrès remarquables. La neuro-imagerie cérébrale notamment, permet de(More)
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