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Present descriptions of nitric oxide (NO) transport in the lungs use two compartment models: airway compartment without mixing and alveolar compartment with perfect mixing. These models neglect NO molecular diffusion in the airways. To assess the impact of axial diffusion on expired NO profile, we solved a transport equation that incorporated diffusion,(More)
Among freshwater invertebrates, Gammarus fossarum is an important test organism and is currently used in ecotoxicology for acute and chronic assays; nevertheless, reproductive toxicity test methods are not yet available for these species. In the present study, the reproductive cycle in Gammarus fossarum was characterized in order to propose a reproductive(More)
The synthesis feasibility of silicon-tin nanocrystals by discharges in liquid nitrogen is studied using a Si-10 at % Sn sintered electrode. Time-resolved optical emission spectroscopy shows that silicon and tin melt almost simultaneously. The presence of both vapours does not lead to the synthesis of alloyed nanocrystals but to the synthesis of separate(More)
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