Claire Murphy

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Radiotherapy and androgen deprivation in combination after local surgery (RADICALS): A new Medical Research Council/National Cancer Institute of Canada phase III trial of adjuvant treatment after radical prostatectomy Chris Parker, Matthew R. Sydes 1 , Charles Catton 2 , Howard Kynaston 3 , John Logue , Claire Murphy 1 , Rachel C. Morgan 1 , Kilian Mellon 5(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this trial was to compare dose-escalated conformal radiotherapy with control-dose conformal radiotherapy in patients with localised prostate cancer. Preliminary findings reported after 5 years of follow-up showed that escalated-dose conformal radiotherapy improved biochemical progression-free survival. Based on the sample size(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the clinical features, genotype, and treatment in a series of subjects with confirmed adenosine deaminase 2 (ADA2) deficiency. METHODS All symptomatic subjects were referred for genetic testing for suspected ADA2 deficiency; relatives of index cases were also screened. Demographic, clinical, and laboratory characteristics and(More)
The human olfactory system provides us with information about our environment that is critical to our physical and psychological well-being. Individuals can vary widely in their ability to detect, recognize, and identify odors, but still be within the range of normal function. Although several standardized tests of odor identification are available, few(More)
BACKGROUND Nitric oxide (NO.) derived from donor drugs has been shown to be an effective chemosensitizer in vitro. We investigated the combination of inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) gene transfer, driven by a strong constitutive promoter (cytomegalovirus; CMV) with the DNA cross-linking agent cisplatin in mouse and human tumour cell lines. METHODS(More)
Two S49 mouse lymphoma cell variants hemizygous for expression of mutant regulatory (R) subunits of type I cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase were used to investigate functional consequences of lesions in the putative cAMP-binding sites of R subunit. Kinase activation properties of wild-type and mutant enzymes were compared using cAMP and six(More)
BACKGROUND We aimed to establish levels of consumer involvement in randomised controlled trials (RCTs), meta-analyses and other studies carried out by the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) Clinical Trials Unit across the range of research programs, predominantly in cancer and HIV. METHODS Staff responsible for studies that were included in a Unit Progress(More)
OBJECTIVE Pain from vaccine injections remains undertreated, despite the availability of numerous pain-relieving strategies. Healthcare providers report lack of time within current office workflows as a major barrier to routine pain management. The objective was to document the total time involved in outpatient vaccine appointments to test the hypothesis(More)
From an S49 mouse lymphoma cell subline that carries an electrophoretic marker mutation in one allele for a regulatory (R) subunit of cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase, 130 cyclic AMP-resistant mutants were isolated and characterized. Of the 77 independent spontaneous and mutagen-induced isolates identified, 74 had kinases with increased apparent(More)
HFE is a type 1 transmembrane protein that becomes N-glycosylated during transport to the cell membrane. It influences cellular iron concentrations through multiple mechanisms, including regulation of transferrin binding to transferrin receptors. The importance of glycosylation in HFE localization and function has not yet been studied. Here we employed(More)