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Traditional cereal-based fermented foods are frequently used as complementary foods for infants and young children in Africa. This is the case for ben-saalga, a popular fermented gruel produced from(More)
This study evaluated the effect of popping and fermentation on the chemical composition of three types of Amaranthus caudatus grains cultivated in Ethiopia. Proximate composition, minerals and(More)
The effect of the different unit operations of processing traditionally used to produce four maize foods commonly consumed in Africa on the nutritional composition of the products was investigated,(More)
Lactic acid bacteria responsible for the fermentation of a pearl-millet based fermented gruel, ben-saalga, were investigated for enzyme activity in relation with the nutritional characteristics of(More)
Ben-kida and ben-saalga are popular pearl-millet-based fermented gruels in Burkina Faso. A survey of 318 households in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) showed that they are often used as complementary food(More)
OBJECTIVE To carry out an inventory on the availability, challenges, and needs of dietary assessment (DA) methods in Africa as a pre-requisite to provide evidence, and set directions (strategies) for(More)