Claire Morley

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INTRODUCTION Mitochondrial abnormalities may be involved in PTSD, although few studies have examined this. Mitochondrial DNA copy number (mtDNAcn) in blood cells is an emerging systemic index of mitochondrial biogenesis and function. The present study assessed mtDNAcn in male combat-exposed veterans with PTSD compared to those without PTSD as well as its(More)
1. The apparent transmembrane bulk-phase electrical potential (delta psi) of Clostridium pasteurianum was determined from the distribution ratio of the membrane-permeable cation butyltriphenylphosphonium (BuPh3P+). In glycolysing cells the highest value of delta psi, calculated on the assumption that there was no energy-dependent binding of BuPh3P+ to the(More)
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