Claire Montlahuc

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BACKGROUND Patients with systemic rheumatic diseases (SRDs) may require ICU management for SRD exacerbation or treatment-related infections or toxicities. METHODS This was an observational study at 10 university-affiliated ICUs in France. Consecutive patients with SRDs were included. Determinants of ICU mortality were identified through multivariable(More)
OBJECTIVES We examined the relationship between self-rated health and incident dementia, and investigated the impact of cognitive complaints, depressive symptoms, and functional status on this relationship. METHODS Participants of the 3C Study, a prospective cohort study composed of 8,169 community-dwelling persons aged ≥65 years, were asked to rate their(More)
Incidence of dementia increases sharply with age and, because of the increase in life expectancy, the number of dementia cases is expected to rise dramatically over time. Some studies suggest that controlling some modifiable risk factors for dementia like diabetes or hypertension could lower its incidence. However, as treating these vascular factors would(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES The study aimed to evaluate the performances of two iterative reconstruction (IR) algorithms and of filtered back projection (FBP) when using reduced-dose chest computed tomography (RDCT) compared to standard-of-care CT. MATERIALS AND METHODS An institutional review board approval was obtained. Thirty-six patients with hematologic(More)
OBJECTIVE A recent consensus defines "late presentation" (LP) during the course of HIV infection as presentation with AIDS whatever the CD4 cell count or with CD4 <350 cells per cubic millimeter. Here, using this new definition, we examined the frequency and predictors of LP and its impact on mortality. METHODS In antiretroviral-naive patients enrolled in(More)
BACKGROUND Few outcome data are available about intraoperative cardiac arrest (IOCA). The authors studied 90-day functional outcomes and their determinants in patients admitted to the intensive care unit after IOCA. METHODS Patients admitted to 11 intensive care units in a period of 2000-2013 were studied retrospectively. The main outcome measure was a(More)
Few outcome data are available about temperature management after intraoperative cardiac arrest (IOCA). We describe targeted temperature management (TTM) (32–34 °C) modalities, adverse events, and association with 1-year functional outcome in patients with IOCA. Patients admitted to 11 ICUs after IOCA in 2008–2013 were studied retrospectively. The main(More)
It is common that intellectually gifted children--that is, children with an IQ ≥ 130--are referred to paediatric or child neuropsychiatry clinics for socio-emotional problems and/or school underachievement or maladjustment. These clinically-referred children with intellectual giftedness are thought to typically display internalizing problems (i.e.,(More)
INTRODUCTION As HIV-infected patients get older more non-AIDS-related malignancies are to be seen. Cancer now represents almost one third of all causes of deaths among HIV-infected patients (1). Albeit bladder cancer is one of the most common malignancy worldwide (2), only 13 cases of bladder cancer in HIV-infected patients have been reported in the(More)
PURPOSE We assessed the accuracy of transcranial Doppler (TCD) in helping to diagnose nonconvulsive status epilepticus (NCSE) in comatose patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) for acute neurological disorders at high risk for NCSE. METHODS A 2-year prospective observational study in 38 consecutive patients requiring continuous(More)