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The ability to reprogram differentiated cells into a pluripotent state has revealed that the differentiated state is plastic and reversible. It is evident, therefore, that mechanisms must be in place to maintain cells in a differentiated state. Transcription factors that specify neuronal characteristics have been well studied, but less is known about the(More)
In MEG experiments an electromagnetic field is measured at a very high temporal resolution in many sensors located in a helmet-shaped dewar, producing a very large dataset. Filtering techniques are commonly used to reduce the noise in the data. In this paper, spatiotemporal smoothing across space and time simultaneously is used, not simply as a(More)
Advances in sensor technology enable environmental monitoring programmes to record and store measurements at a high temporal resolution, enhancing the capacity to detect and understand short duration changes that would not have been apparent in the past with monthly, fortnightly or even daily sampling. However, there are various challenges in terms of the(More)
would like to thank the following individuals for their participation in development and/or review of this policy, and the background literature upon which it is based: Preface The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is an instrumentality of the 15 Atlantic coast states, formed in 1942 as a means to conserve and enhance interjurisdictional fisheries(More)
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